Are you a Wantrepreneur or an Entrepreneur?

by: Selwyn James Jr.

In this competitive industry there are many entrepreneurs. There are also outsiders wanting to look in with an entrepreneurial itch but never goes for the scratch. I like to call them wantrepreneurs. Want is a wantrepreneur? Picture this. A wantrepreneur is that person who dreams of leaving their 9 to 5 or current unemployment status by starting his or her own business with an idea they’ve been dwelling on for several but not got with it. It’s pretty sad right? However, if you think that description fits you don’t let that discourage you at all because truthfully everyone starts off as a wantrepreneur.

To me, the difference between an entrepreneur and someone who’s a wantrepreneur is that the entrepreneur actually goes forth and does something to start their company off. That brings me to the following question? What stops a person from leaving the wantrepreneur mentality stage to becoming an entrepreneur? I came up with three that will all play apart to answer to this question.

The first excuse that most wantrepreneurs complain about that keeps them from becoming entrepreneurs is their finances. How will I come up with that money to start? Blah Blah Blah! You can either work to save up, ask friends/family who believes in the potential company and the initiative you are taking to start up, and try to take out a loan. Sometimes people automatically assume that they won’t be able to qualify to take out a loan due to his or her credit. However, people fail to realize that there are company’s who will work with you to help you take out a loan. There are websites such as, and etc.

The second excuse that wantrepreneurs use is having a lack of sources or not knowing how to do this to start that. In order to make change and create more possible sources for you is to go out and network. You ever heard of the saying, “Sometimes it’s not about what you know, it’s about who you know? Go out to public business function like conferences or other events to meet new people. You’ll be surprise learn from them picking their brains. You might even create partnerships while network because you there is probably something you quite don’t know how to do to keep your business progressing. For example, you might have a product or merchandise that you created but you have not experiences in sales or advertising. You might come across someone who is. However, you shouldn’t just let that be an option for yourself because having someone to help you keep your business functioning isn’t cheap. In reality, a partnership can sometimes really mean that you’ve just hired an employee and that employee will be expecting some money for their work. So if you don’t know how to do certain operations that will start or continue your business, you need to take out the time to at least learn the basics. I feel that every boss should know the basics in all the job positions that will potentially keep his or her business running. That way you will know how to explain the position to future employees, and you can save money for your company by doing some of those positions on your own until the business gets off its feet or as soon as you’ll to pay for employee. According to MJ DeMarco author of The Millionaire Fastlane, “you have to think about the process before the events.”

In other words teach yourself on a problem by problem basis. Anything you think that is hard to learn to keep your business running 9 out of 10 it be can very valuable so learn it. Youtube videos are great sources you can use to find out and learn anything you want to learn step by step.

The final excuse that wantrepreneurs use is simply fear. Fear of making sacrifices or big changes to move from a follower to a leader. You have to get out of the employee mind-state to become the employer. To be an entrepreneur it’s all about taking risk and making sacrifices. It takes a lot of time, money, networking, and personality to be within this type of industry. You can’t be afraid to fail because it happens to the best of us. However, that’s why most entrepreneurs don’t waste time in creating something new to the core. Instead, they take something that already exists and find ways to make it theirs and better then other competition. (For instance, Google, Yahoo, & Bing all are search engines from different companies.)

To be a boss you have to have that certain degree of confidence. Confidence in yourself as the head honcho, confidence in your merchandise/product/business, and confidence overall in how your business will do at the very end. Just know that taking that step forward from being a wantrepreneur to an entrepreneur will put you in the position from wanting, wishing and hoping to having something you truly love to do.

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